Tradecraft is an independent creative studio founded by award winning writer, designer and illustrator;  Alex Morrissey His work combines a love of storytelling, design and image to create meaningful projects for clients of all sizes committed to being category leaders. This motivation continues as the studio remains focused on improving the world through innovation, story and design with every project​​​​​​​.
Studio Mission
Deliver tailored solutions to clients of all sizes and budgets.​​​​​​​
Featured Services
Ad Comps, Brand Identity, Comic Books, Concept Art, Copywriting, Experiential Events, Graphic Design, Logos, Novels, Scriptwriting, Short Stories, Storyboards, Websites
Trust the Process
Project success is simple as 1 2 3 4 5 6
    1. Listen to the client
    2. Identify their needs 
    3. Develop budget friendly plan
    4. Combine that with an obsession for innovation
    5. Add a dash of gripping storytelling
    6. Finally, as needed, bake-in great design

Hey, I said simple, not easy.
Select Clients & Brands

I have been fortunate to partner with—and create for—amazing clients and leading brands across the world, from start-ups, to Fortune 500, some of which include:
Apple, Chanel, Eleventh Street Workshop, Marvel, Google, Giorgio Armani, Diesel, Refinery 39, Lancôme, Tekscape, Spotify, DC, Publix, Island, Viktor & Rolf,, Synchronicity Performance Group, Tremor Video, Prescriptives, Women for Women International, Zitomer, Levis.​​​​​​​
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